The OndySeven brand is exclusively made of high quality men’s swimwear. Made in Portugal, they are manufactured with the excellence of long years of experience.

Our collections are diverse and with unique design pieces giving you a great shopping experience.

Strategic partnerships and the advanced logistics and storage system allow us to distribute, daily and economically, thousands of orders throughout Europe and Brazil.

For our service to be of excellence we have a team of customer support, ready to answer your questions, place orders or solve any unforeseen problems that may arise. You can contact our customer support team through our Contacts page.

The concept of the brand

OndySeven is a strong, fast-growing brand with the aim of becoming a leading online fashion world-wide in the short term. To achieve this goal, values ​​such as integrity, transparency, excellence and innovation are present in everything we do.

Your opinion is matters

OndySeven proposes to provide the best service available on the Internet, because it is with this service that we distinguish ourselves and affirm in our market. Every customer has a special value and contributes to the continuous improvement of our service, so share your opinion with us. If you purchased one of our swim trunks, please leave your review on the product page.


Information about the company

Manuel Jesus Pereira

Tr. do Veloso, 29 – 2º Esq
4200-518 PORTO

NIF: PT 166 824 712

Tel. +351 22 540 9259 ou +351 964 489 216
email: info@ondyseven.com